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obamacare policy and thhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhatr tonight's "willis report." have a great weekend and we will be back on monday. lou: the obama white house has refused to divulge the number of people who have enrolled in obamacare since the law went into effect. and now we know why. the numbers are so embarrassingly low that the obama administration is scrambling to wish her that this signature legislative achievements survive the obamacare disaster. i am lou dobbs. ♪ ♪ lou: evening, everyone. the obamacare website is a disaster. max baucus is calling for major changes in the program now in enrollment numbers for the first few days of the obamacare rollout are dramatically disappointing for the administration. the white house has been telling us for months that millions of americans have been visiting health care.gov, but the house oversight committee released internal notes from meetings that show only six people in total successfully enrolled on the first day enrolled. obamacare is a train wreck that has become a laughingstock as a result. as of today, the hite house pushed back ex
willis report" the obamacare rollout mess, when did the president know that millions of americans would be kicked off their health insurance plan? despite his repeated assurances to the contrary. >> if you like your health care plan you will be a will to keep your health care plan. gerri: also, a preview of kathleen sibelius' congressional testimony tomorrow, the head of the committee, chairman fred upton is here. finally, and apology on the obamacare rollout. >> i want to apologize to you that these website has not worked as well as it should. gerri: will the site ever work for consumers? we're watching out for you tonight on "the willis report." ♪ gerri: our top story tonight, another obamacare lie exposed. the white house going on the defensive after it was revealed that they knew for years and l.a. is of americans could not keep their health plans. despite president obama's repeated assurances to the american public if they like their plan they could keep it. here to weigh in, a visiting scholar at the american enterprise institute and which lowry, editor for the national review.
drop, a big part of funding mechanism out of obamacare. >> one more e-mail, sam,an president change the law without a congressional approval? there have you it again. dr. scott, people up set, they feel that the law is influx, and what congress signed off on their representatives voted for, whatever the administration wants to put into place is what they do your response? >> and businesses too, they need to figure out how to comply with the law, and insurers made a good faith estimate. so that is putting a strain on a lot of people, consumers and businesses that are forced to play in these markets now. >> thank you so much for coming we'll see throughout the hour. we have more to come this hour, more questions from e-mails, and twitter and facebook, call in with your questions. we want to hear from you. ask me what it's like to get your best night's sleep every night. [announcer] why not talk to someone who's sleeping on the most highly recommended d in america? ask me about my tempur-pedic. ask me how fast i fall asleep. ask me about staying asleep. [announcer] tempur-pedic owners
if obamacare is not, presidented ied it today veinly sought to change the subject and divert media attention from his failures and deceits. it is clear that mandate or not, most americans are not buying what president obama is trying to sell. i'm lou dobbs. lou: good evening for a second straight day the president trying to divert media attention from the obamacare disaster. the president focused on international trade, pledging to attract more foreign investment into the united states as his failing healthcare law continues to not only frustrate millions of americans, but in some cases also injury them. those who are losing their healthcare plans because of obamacare. nearly all republican, and a growing number of democratic lawmakers, are now demanding either a delay of the individual mandate or an extension of the enroll am period. and -- enrollment period and the public is not pleased. the president is being pummeled in the latest polls, his job approval rating hit all-time low in newest "wall street journal" poll, just from% of americans a-- 42% of americans approving of his job perform
inside america's news headquarters. >> i'm gregg jarrett. topping the news, the obamacare web site, well, it's down again tonight. now hear why republican lawmakers are saying the disaster is, quote, the tip of the iceberg. >> bill clinton delivering curious comments. what mr. clinton has been saying at state level campaign rallies that have hillary 2016 watchers raising their antennas. >> the new york city marathon will be kick off bright and early tomorrow morning. next, we'll show you hot -- how the city is beefing up security for this event, six months after boston. >>> we begin with new details into a deadly shooting at los angeles international airport. this is video from inside the terminal where a lone gunman orlando with a semiautomatic rifle opened fire yesterday, killing tsa agent and injuring at least five other people. according to police, the 23-year-old suspect who is now in custody had suicidal thoughts and was on a mission to, quote, kill as many as tsa agents as possible. dominic dinatale joins us live from the scene at lax with the latest. dominic? >> reporter: hey the
the medicine son that kathlee tn sebelius needs to revival obamacare? i'm ali velshi. this is "real money." >> reporter: this is real money. you are the most important part of the very. join our live conversation for the next half hour on twitter at a.j. real money. the federal reserve has just spent two days discussing what it's going to do about this economy. for now the fed plans to stay the course continue pumping $85 billion a month into the financial system and that has the affect of keeping interest rates down. the fed says it's too early to taper that stimulus in part because the government shutdown set us back a bit but they still cite a week jobs picture. >>> 10,000 private sector jobs were added in october. that's not the monthly government jobs report. we'll get one of those on november 8th. this is from the payroll firm adp but it's generally seen as a predictor of what the government number will say especially since the vast majority of jobs created these days are in in fact, in the private sector. 130,000 is well below the average for the last 12 months. how does this conne
" >> this is "real money", you are the important part of the show. tell us what you think. the roll out of obamacare insurance exchanges is off to a bad start. you know that. newly released documents reveal a handful of people signed up for insurance on 1st october the the day they opened for business. by the second day it was 248. to those that tried and failed to sign up using the government's website, everyone from president obama himself to health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius has apologised for the website's problems and vowed to fix it. we are hearing conflicting reports about what went wrong with the roll out. cgi, the contractor developing the site may have warned the obama administration that it would not be ready tro go live on october 1st. we know the administration says it needs until the end of november to fix the technical glitches. that's two months after it launched. to comment the penalty for not enrolling under the new law is effectively waved for six weeks. the new deadline will be march 31st. if you are one of the estimated 15 million americans who buy your own i
how high she flies♪ ♪ ooh, ooh, witchy woman, she got the moon in her eyes♪ ♪ >> obamacare takes its toll. this thing is a real drag. good morning, everyone, here is what we have. an all-time low for the president's approval rating. an all-time high for his negatives. insurance costs go through the roof for millions and you don't like it. we do hear you. here is something else you don't like and neither do we. mindless gazing at the federal reserve. today we're supposed to believe that ben might print less money, this is what financial journalism has come to? not us. we have news on facebook, makes a ton of money and teens using it less and it may be maxed out on mobile apps. we have three examples of failed government. do you think obamacare is one of them? "varney & company" is about to begin. [ male announcer ] once, there was a man who found a magic seashell. it told him what was happening on the tradg floor in real time. ♪ the shell brought him great fame. ♪ but then, one day, he noticed that everybody could have a magic seashell. [ indistinct talking ] [ male announcer
is election eve, as such goes, tomorrow's elections are being styled as a referendum on obamacare. and administration that has been dishonest with americans, the biggest problem for the president, is that millions of americans are learning first hand. dimensions of that dishonesty, i am lou dobbs. >> good evening we're just hours away tonight from polls opening across the country. residents of some of the nation's big of cities are set to choose their next may irs, es or -- mayors and gubernatorial's elections in a few states. bill deblasio could be first registered democrat to be elected new york city mayor in two decades, union cash, floods boston mayor race as pro labor martin walsh trying to fend off john conley, a diagramcrat pushe -- democrat pushed by republicans for his small government views, mayoral race coming down to the wire in detroit. chris christie looking to cruise to reelect in new jersey. in virginia. republican candidates, cuch nelly closing the gap on his democratic opponent, and terry mcauliffe. with a number of other polls tightening, quoting the race, withi
the obamacare headlines from the obamacare punch lines these days. paper applications, 800 numbers, applying by fax; obamacare appears to be leading us boldly, boldly into the 1980's. remember before this thing launched, the administration swore up and down that obamacare was ready to go. democratic leaders in congress told americans that the law's implementation was fabulous, that obamacare was wonderful. the president reassured everyone that it was working the way it was supposed to. and, of course, washington democrats bragged about their fancy, new web site, the web site that cost taxpayers $100 million, $200 million, $300 million? well, no one's quite sure. that's just one of the unanswered questions we hope they'll clarify soon. now, to be fakers the president likes -- to be fair, the president likes to say obamacare is about more than just a web site. he's right. that is why fixing a web site won't solve the larger problem here. the larger problem is obamacare itself. the larger problem is what the few people who actually have signed up for coverage have discovered about this law. the
and commerce committee on the obamacare website mess today. she apologized, but not rolling back on deadlines. americans still have to pay fines if they do not play along. here to weigh in, president of the american action form and republican congressman. i am going to start with you. obviously you were satisfied with what you heard. >> i thought the secretary did a good job. the right demeanor. and she did her job in that she answered the question she wanted incident did not want -- did not answer the ones that did not want. gerri: we will get on some of that. discuss testing many times. kathleen sebelius telling the congress woman told her accountable. even that was testy. listen to this. >> who is in charge, madam secretary? >> the personnel in charge as an integrator is qssi -- >> to was in charge? >> was in charge -- >> who is the individual -- >> michele snyder. >> michele snyder is the one responsible for this debacle. >> not responsible for those. only for the debacle. gerri: responsible. the secretary of health and human services. >> caesars of the pleasure of the president, as does
of obamacare. >> there is no excuse for it, and i take full responsibility for making sure it gets fixed asap. >> let me say directly to these americans you deserve better. i apologize. >> a new report. just six people enrolled on day one. and the president broke his promise. >> if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. if you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan. >> is the initial debacle a sign of things to come? today a debate over how obamacare will affect you. between one of the architects of the plan, dr. ezekiel emanuel and a leading critic, jamesváisd capretta. >>> one senator threatens to block federal nominees until a survivor of the benghazi attack appears before congress. >> how can the congress conclude an investigation if you don't have access to the people? >> senator lindsey graham only on "fox news sunday." with election day two days away we'll ask our panel how much trouble both parties are in. from our power player of the week. >> i knew from the second what had happened and why it happened. >> charles krauthammer opens up about his life-
you next week. >>> i'm chris wallace. the troubled launch of the obamacare website front and center on capitol hill. >> this is more than a website problem. >> designers of the site grilled byÑi lawmakers on what went wrong. >> i logged on to set up an account. i was able to do so. i never received a confirmation e-mail. it didn't work. >> kathleen sebelius under fire. >> the majority of people calling for me to resign i would say are people i don't work for. >>> we'll discuss the obamacare rollout and -- with louisiana governor bobby jindal. >>> a growing number of democrats are demanding changes in the individual mandate. >> this should be a transition year for one year. there should be no fine. >> i think the president should man up and let us know who is responsible, who is in charge and fire him. >>> we will talk with javier bacerra and marcia blackburn. >>> is theñr u.s.çóñrÑiÑiçóñrea >>> ourñr2pmwerçóÑi pfa0áhjt thr week. qôt,àei leading voiceÑiñrñrñrñr of amerj t-%>xdÑi deepçóÑi downçó i belie everything isñrÑi opposed to getting republicans ri
jay carney today admitted obamacare will cause some americans to lose their current health care insurance. much more to come. i am lou dobbs. ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. the obama administration finally admitting that the president was wrong to claim that americans could keep their health care insurance if they so as to define obamacare. there admission comes as the white house is faced with evidence that hundreds of thousands of americans, perhaps millions will be receiving cancellation notices for their current insurance for not meeting obamacare requirements. first it was the president's former top adviser david axelrod to admitted not everyone will be able to keep their current insurance because of obamacare. then the president's spokesman, jay carney, acknowledged what he refused to admit for years. fox news chief white house correspondent ed henry asked the question that produced the carney admission. that is at the white house tonight with our report. >> after years of president obama palin if you already have health insurance you did your plan no matter what. spoke
with the obamacare website threatening to undermine one of the administration's key goals it wants to sign up nearly 3 million healthy people by the first of the year, and it has now turned to hollywood. >> reporter: seduced by one side. >> my company's health care. it doesn't cover mammograms. >> the aca covers mammograms. >> scared by the other. >> take your pants off. >> reporter: the online site aimed to attract the young and healthy. >> i think people in our age group are more concerned with their finances than their well-being. it's tough -- like i don't know if that video gets that point across. >> reporter: that video, featuring jennifer hudson was produced by funny or die, a comedy website with 19 million unique viewers a month. hollywood entertainers were enlisted by the white house in july to help sell young people on obamacare. funny or die is volunteering its time and resources to produce 20 videos and projects promoting obamacare along with celebrities tweeting, obamacare is getting plenty of free advertisement. >> i like videos like this, because they make light of a pretty serious si
care promise and obamacare is working and apoll squeezing fo apologizt does not. i'm lou dobbs. >> good every ending -- evening, hhs secretary sebelius testified today. on the obamacare roll out. sebelius took responsibility for the web site failure, while making the claim that the web site had actually never crashed. >> we were anxious to get the web site up and running. and functional, which we have failed to do. to date, i would suggest that web site has never crashed. it is fund. al bufunctional but at a veryslw reliabilitiy. lou: at that moment, the hoff move system was down -- healthcare.gov system of down, and stayed down, sebelius offered a apology, and told the committee to hole her accountable for the ale lure, and insisting that the t presidd not lie when he told americans they could keep their health care insurance if they liked it. but when pressed if the president of the responsible for the law failures, she said, whatever, yes. he is the president. fox news chief congressional correspondent mike emmanuelle on capitol hill with our report. >> reporter: kathleen sebelius d
think he got a coldish with the nsa wiretapping and more serious for him at home, the obamacare fiascoes. i think he's in for rocky waters ahead. >> we saw the president doing well compared to how badly the republicans were doing in the polls and in the public perception, is it timing or just a bad week generally? >> i think there are a lot of issues as jay said that are going to be resolved over the next few months that will determine what happens in the next few terms. you have obamacare, the turmoil in the middle east. you have general manager and the relations between the republican and democratic party. these things coming together or not coming together will determine his success over the next three years. >> are you taking this as a sign of things to come. >> i think it was a single week. it was not a great week. but keep in mind as tough as it was for the president the republicans are in historically bad place. we've never seen a political party where the poll numbers that the republicans have right now. he is doing relatively much better than them. but he's got to do even better
see you tomorrow. lou: the head of agency responsible for the implementation of obamacare today stared down congress, she refused to reveal the number of americans enrolled in the program, and a day after admitting they did not tell the truth, the house today began a new campaign of blame. i am lou dobbs. >> good evening, the administrator of centers for medicaid and medicare services marilyn t tabiner stonewalled. refused to answer questions, and told lawmakers, they will have to wait until mid november for the answers, she would not direct leannly answer whether ss told to with hole the number of enrollees, she becamed had the of medicaid and medicare services in 2011, following donald's ber wick's resignation. he resigned amid heavy republican opposition to his recess appointment and controversy surrounding a statement he made 3 years before. mr. ar berwick speaking in londn in 2000 2000 said quote -- exct healthcare is by definition redistributional. today, m.s. tabner offered a feabile apology for the web site failures, and said, we have a system that is working, it is jus
many people enrolled on obamacare, p that's an answer that the a president of the united statesom could get.ople if they wanted to. i'm surprised at the number. it isre obviously low. but i love to imagine the scene of what it would be like to govt in on wednesday morning to the oval office for the morning briefing for the president and to have to tell him that onlyg six people signed up forave obamacare. i mean, that would have been a very embarrassing moment. >> they had to know. they know exactly what the v number was day one, day two. if you have six per day in order to get to the 7 million you need, it's 28,417 years. no wonder they're holding back the number. even if the number is 6,000 or 60,000 when they finally release them, it doesn't matter. the system -- it will never be where they need it to be in march. they have to, right now, they probable will he should do isprb sooner rather than later say we're going to delay it.han either delay the individual mandate or being penalized. not >> juan, they'll have to do one of the two. what do you think they'll do, if anything? how do
to hit the pause button on rollout of obamacare amid brand new troubles with the federal health care website. welcome to the monday edition of "happening now." i'm jon scott. >> hi, everybody, great to see you today. i'm jenna lee. anxiety is rising across the country as americans experience growing frustration with this dysfunctional website. now the outages are going to become a regular thing over the next few days. the obama administration announcing that the website will be down every day from 1:00 to five a.m. eastern time while it is being fixed. if you're out on the west coast, by 10 p.m. tonight you won't have access to the website for several hours. so no late night shopping for any of you on the west coast. senator kelly ayote is calling on president obama to order a timeout. the new new hampshire republican wants a bipartisan group to convene about the problems with the website and the law. there are serious concerns about obamacare's long term financial liability. early numbers from state exchanges, nearly all of those enrolled are being funneled into medicaid, not insura
and congressional democrats have insisted time and again that the obamacare insurance exchanges would be tested, secure, and ready to go on october 1. the president even told the american public that signing up online would be as easy as a few simple keystrokes. perhaps the president has not tried logging onto the website himself, because he and his political appointees are not required to join obamacare. let me repeat that -- the president and his team are not required to join obamacare. unfortunately, the rest of the country doesn't have that luxury. too many americans still cannot even access the online exchanges , and for the few that have, their experience is sticker shock. the president told us obamacare is more than a website. i agree. it is more than just a website, and the problems run far deeper than a few technological glitches. when middle-class families are getting hit with massive premium increases and outrageous to dr. bowles, it is more than just a website -- outrageous to dr. eductibles,is -- d it is more than just a website. when hard-working americans are seeing their hours c
back online. thank you, peter doocy. martha: number of obamacare enrollees is reportedly very low and somewhat a mystery as to how many of them are actually out there. open enrollment started october 1, so little over a full month now. he white house has not released any hard numbers on it. they say it will come in the middle of november. according to documents released by the oversight committee, only six people signed up on day one. the next day it went up to 2.48 people. most of those people who signed up were not paying at all, they were enrolling in medicaid by huge numbers in terms of how out of whack that part of this is. stuart varney joins me now. stuart, these are nowhere near the numbers we heard were needed to make this solvent. stuart: that is precisely right, martha. you need the biggest pool possible with as much money as possible. that is why under obamacare everybody's got to have insurance, they want your money. if young, healthy people don't pay into this system, there's not much money going in. if a lot of older, sicker people go into the system, they're taking
on obamacare's botched rollout. internal memos are showing only six people, six actually signed up on day one of the health care exchange program. good morning everybody, i'm martha maccallum here in "america's newsroom". >> i'm gregg jarrett in for bill hemmer. the obama administration is not actually denying the information. the health and human services department is down playing released documents. let me quote them. they appear to be notes. do not include enrollments, statistics. we will release enrollment stats on monthly basis after coordinating information from different sources paper, online, call centers, verifying with insurers and collecting data from states. martha: byron york, "washington examiner" and fox news contributor. what do you make about the number six. >> now we know why the administration is secretive about the numbers. health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius was asked by congress about this she wouldn't give it. we know the number was beyond embarrassing. six people on day one. had a total of 248 by the next day. this has really stunned a lot of people.
and are -- health care rollout are creating a new pact calling themselves the quote, obamacare losers. >> and john kerry wrapped up his visit to egypt. they said their relations with the u.s. were in turmoil. was his visit enough to ease some of the tensions? we will have a live report. >> and we have a fiesty panel here to discuss the latest in on believable case in -- in on believable case in utah of a doctor accused of killing his wife. they layout why and how the doctor put his plan into motion. first we begin with details in the shooting at los angeles international airport that left a tsa agent dead. as cell phone video from inside that terminal really shows you the chaos that unfolded. check this out. >> on the floor! on the floor now! on the floor! >> imagine if you were there. hundreds of folks in the moments just after the 23-year-old accused gunman opened fire inside that airport. police are saying the suspect shot the tsa agent at point blank range before turning his gun on the crowd. and returning to shoot the agent again. there were at least five other people injured in friday's s
happened with the launch of obamacare. >> in these early weeks, access to healthcare.gov has been a miserably frustrating experience for too many americans including many who avoided years, there's the entire life for the security of health insurance. i am as frustrated and angry as anyone with the flawed launch of healthcare.gov. let me sail directly to these americans you deserve better. i apologize. i am accountable to you for fixing these problems and committed turn your confidence back. dagen: talking about falling on your sword, kathleen sebelius looking to shoulder the blame for problems with the rollout of the health exchanges. continue to breakdown. connell: we will go back live as things heat up in the q&a, rich edson has been monitoring the whole thing and he joins us from washington d.c. with a latest on capitol hill. rich: she is confident by november 30th they will have a functioning web site but she did say when it comes to the miserably frustrating experience it has been for the rollout of healthcare about them that she is taking responsibility. >> who is in charge
now. bye-bye. jon: we begin with brand new stories and breaking news. jenna: the obamacare rollout worse than anyone thought apparently. embarrassingly low sign up numbers in one report. how the white house is explaining them. survivors of the benghazi terror attack preparing to break silence despite government best efforts to keep them quiet when we could hear their stories from the ground. >>> the holiday shopping season is officially underway, november first, that is what happens, right? we'll explain why you could see the deepest discounts ever and before black friday even rolls around. it is all "happening now" jenna: some shocking new information this morning about how rough apparently the rollout of the obamacare exchanges really is as new documents show you could almost count the number of people who enrolled in the first day on one hand. again one report, but a stunning one at that. great to see you, everybody, i'm jenna lee. jon: those numbers are unbelievable. i'm jon scott. for weeks the administration told us millions of people visited healthcare.gov. but they dodged a
of obamacare under congress' general taxing power. the court noted specifically that, quote, even if the taxing power enables congress to impose a tax on not obtaining health insurance, any tax must still comply with other requirements in the constitution, unquote. mr. speaker, i want to read that one more time. even if the taxing power enables congress to impose a tax on not obtaining health insurance, any tax must still comply with other requirements in the constitution, unquote. in short, mr. speaker, obamacare was upheld as a tax. the supreme court did not and has not yet considered a challenge to the affordable care act's taxing provisions on the grounds that it violated the origination clause in the united states constitution. and, mr. speaker, it most certainly did exactly that. mr. speaker, the origination clause is found in article 1, section 7 of the constitution. and it states, quote, all bills for raising revenue shall originate in the house of representatives, unquote. in creating obamacare, senator harry reid took an entirely unrelated bill, h.r. 3590, containing just 714 words, a
the political fallout over the botched obamacare website rollout. this as republicans step up efforts to delay parts of the president's signature domestic achievement. welcome to "happening now." i'm jon scott. jenna: ironic we're talking about health care and we have halloween candy on set. is it allowed? jon: one day for the year. jenna: this is the day. happy halloween. i'm jenna lee. great to have you here today. the latest battle started on our air with health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius facing a barrage of questions. republicans on the house energy and commerce committee covering topics from their problem-plagued website to other range of topics. secretary sebelius apologizing and taking responsibility for the failures. >> i am as frustrated and angry as anyone with the flawed launch of healthcare.gov. so let me say directly to these americans, you deserve better. i apologize. i'm accountable to you for fixing these problems. and i'm committed to earning your confidence back by fixing the site. we were anxious to get the website up and running and functional and we cle
on who knew what about the shortcomings of obamacare. and talk about hotter than they have been since the heavy date of the housing bubble. home prices. any better place for your money right now? spying on your friends and i'm not just talking about in the bathroom when they're in your house but former cia agent on a laid his head to nation's intelligence gathering. and facebook romance, social network can now predict if you are on the verge of getting a dear john or a dear john letter from your significant letter. who writes letters anymore? i bet you connell mcshane does. he is old school on this hour of "markets now." connell: that literally makes no sense. dagen: who writes letters? connell: when was the last time you wrote a letter to somebody? 15 years ago? dagen: probably a thank you letter, probably. connell: the market up. housing we will talk about. obamacare. some mixed earning report reporo talk about with nicole petallides. nicole: good evening, dagen and connell. the s&p and the dow are gaining. we're seeing these records coming off of another record high 32 times this y
of them on obamacare. for the president, that's not good news. look at the latest poll from gallop. only 40% of voters approve of his job performance. 53% disapprove. the obamacare rollout disaster clearing hurting the administration. but for the left, it's not obama, not the president who should be taking the blame. it's those evil insurance. here is the brother of rahm emanuel, an architect of obamacare. >> the law doesn't say to the insurance industry, you drop coverage. insurance industry decides how to make money. when the private company decides they're going to drop people and put them in the exchange you blame president obama, he's not responsible for that. stuart: you've got to blame the private insurers not just emanuel saying that. here is the white house advisor trying to explain why millions will lose their current health plans. >> if you have a plan before obamacare, you can keep that. if your plan is downgraded or cancelled, you can't. stuart: pure spin. plans are canceled by the million because obamacare makes them illegal. fox news reporting that 3.7 million people have
of americans would lose their health plans under obamacare this is unfolding by the hour. good morning, this is what we have this hour on "america's newsroom." martha: we have a lot. good morning, bill. good morning, everybody. i'm martha maccallum. these numbers are staggering. our own reporting shows that the white house knew 67% of the 14 million people who buy their own insurance can expect a cancellation letter in the mail. nbc news put that is number as high as 80%. that is more than 11 million people, folks, who already either lost their medical insurance or soon will. >> so if the president truly knew this would happen way back when, 2010, that means he continued to make the promises he knew he could not keep under this law, after signing the overall law in march of 2010. stephen hayes, senior writer "weekly standard," fox news contributor. parse this now, steve. your take? >> this is bigpretty big deal. this is confirmation of what many republicans were saying all along. the main promise of the white house's president obama's signature domestic policy that you could keep your
the country, everyone is talking about the obamacare web site. no doubt that is a serious concern. the healt healthcare.gov web sis been, to put it bluntly, a debacle. ni don't know of a single member of congress, democrat or republican, who would say otherwise. the problems with obamacare go much deeper than faulty web site. sure, the administration would have the american people believe that the problems with this law are simply technical in nature and that once they bring in technical smert experts to fix b site, all will be right with the world. but let's not kid ourselves. the problems with becom obamacae fundamental and systemic. the administration may get the web site up and running in the next few weeks -- and they should -- but that won't fitch the health care law. -- but that won't fix the health care law. i'd like to turn to some of the problems of obamacare that have nothing to do with the web site. when he was trying to get the law passed president obama repeatedly promised americans, if you like your health care plan, you will you'll be able to keep it. this plan was central to
of these negative headlines, chaos to the obamacare rollout. the government shutdown, the debt crisis and yet, the dow is currently just shy of 15,700. all right, back to the hearing. >> here are some quotes from some of their recent letters. the situation we're in we would have to pay $170,000 in penalties under obamacare and the government picking the winners and losers, there's no wake be competitive if i have to raise my prices to cover $170,000. here are my options, do not pay the penalty. raise my prices go out of business. 8 a people lose their jobs. layoff 35 employees who don't have to pay the penalty and move more production to this country. reduce 35 jobs and here is a quote from the other, since their high labor low margin business cannot afford insurance, we're faced with closing our business perhaps through bankruptcy so there are heavy financial obligations that contain-- >> i want to go back to the stock market for a second. we're well above 15-7 for a moment there. we're in record territory. ed, real fast, this is about the federal reserve printing a ton of money in a weak ec
energy and commerce committee. and republicans say the web site failures are just more evidence obamacare is unsustainable. >> this is an incompetent rollout, symptomatic of a liberal ideology that believes government should be running our health care. i think this is just the tip of the iceberg. eventually, they'll fix the internet problems. >> reporter: democrats have also criticized it, hoe they say the government -- though they say the government will eventually fix the problems. administration officials say the site should be working for most by the end of next month. back to you. dagen: rich, thank you so much for that, rich edson in washington, of course, we will be watching that, and here with more is tevi choi, good the see you as always. what's the point of having these hearings? what's going to come out of them that amounts to anything in terms of getting this thing up and runningsome. >> well, that's a good question. you always wonder if there's any benefit to be had to these hearings while you're still trying to fix the problem. the point is, first of all, there are a lot of
at their job. >> right. >> meets your definition of credible insurance they can't get obamacare subsidies. >> that's correct. >> if a person is 25 years old and they go on the website and say their income is x and that is eligible for subsidy, they can get that subsidy. if they're eligible to be on the parents plan they're not elgible for the subsidy. >> that's right. >> the question is are you filtering that? here is the problem, if you get this wrong you have to take that money back in their tax refund. tax refunds matter. people plan lives around tax refunds. plan spring break for kids. >> i understand that. >> plan car payments and bills and what people in this country don't yet know which you if you get this wrong you already acknowledged you're not doing it right they will get the tax refun taken away from them because they signed up for an subsidy which they are not epgable for which they didn't know. >> if you're on the site, this is part of clear instructions for folks under age 2, including the fact you're basically completing this application under penalty of perjury. very clea
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